How many weeks is the Q1 Weigh2Go Challenge?

The Q1 Weigh2Go challenge will be 4-weeks. AbbVie Vitality has redesigned the program to provide tools and resources to jumpstart weight loss.

Who can register for Weigh2Go? 

Weigh2Go is open to U.S. and Puerto Rico AbbVie employees. Retirees, contractors, or interns are not eligible to participate.

When can I register for Weigh2Go? 

Registration for the 2023 Q1 Weigh2Go Challenge runs January 3 – January 20, 2023 at AbbVieWeigh2Go.com, and the challenge runs January 23 through February 19, 2023.

How do I register for a new challenge if I have participated in a previous one? 

If you have participated in a previous Weigh2Go Challenge, you can re-register for another challenge by clicking on the “Get Started” link and selecting “I Am a Previous Participant.” You will be asked to log in using the same email and password you used for previous challenges.

Once you log in, you will be taken through the registration process. You will be able to update your previous registration information, or leave it the same as before.

If you have forgotten your email, please contact us. If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link to reset it. 

When are the program deadlines? 

The 2023 Q1 Weigh2Go Challenge runs January 23 through February 19, 2023. Deadlines for entering your weight are as follows

What happens if I miss a weigh-in deadline?

Deadlines encourage you to stay accountable to your goals, but if you miss a deadline, enter your weight as soon as possible so you can accurately track your progress throughout your challenge. 

How do I access the Accountability Sessions? 

To access the Accountability Sessions, visit AbbVieWeigh2Go.com and click on the Accountability Sessions tab for current information.

What is the Weigh2Go Community?

The Weigh2Go Community is your very own accountability group, keeping you motivated throughout the challenge. In the community, you can connect with others that have similar interests or goals, stay inspired, and develop positive behaviors that complement the Weigh2Go Challenge. 

How do I complete the program? 

Earn Weigh2Go Superstar status and enter your initial and final weight to be entered into a raffle!

How do I earn badges?

Track your badge progress by making your way through the Weigh2Go tiers:

  • Weigh2Go Superstar: 20+ badges
  • Weigh2Go Warrior: 15+ badges
  • Weigh2Go Trailblazer: 10+ badges

Earn badges automatically through the website or by manually tracking. 

Review the drawing rules.

Where can I find my Unique Personal Identifier (UPI)? 

Your UPI is the eight digits found on your employee ID badge or you can use AbbVie Talent Link located on My AbbVie. 

Do I need to use my AbbVie email or can I register with a personal email account? 

You may use either your AbbVie email or a personal email account to register for Weigh2Go. 

What if my location or function is not on the list when I register? 

If your location or function is not listed, choose the closest location or function to you. 

Why am I not receiving any of the emails from Weigh2Go? 

Check your junk email to ensure messages are not being re-routed. If so, click “Not Junk” to accept emails from Weigh2Go as a trusted source.


Does AbbVie collect the data? What does AbbVie use the information for? 

AbbVie will use the data collected through the website to send you emails about Weigh2Go and use the data for analytics. More details can be found in the Terms and Conditions on the registration page and the Consent and Release when sharing a story, picture or video. 

Contact Information

Who can I contact with questions or for additional information about Weigh2Go?

Please send an email through ‘Contact Us’ or reach out to Weigh2go@abbvie.com